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There are a number of scenarios in which you might find yourself in need of an editor, and I'm happy to help! I've worked as an editor in an academic setting, editing theses and dissertations, and outside of academia, editing self-published volumes, trade magazines, and online media. I also have experience with audio editing and podcast production and offer a range of audio services as well. 

If you're interested, take a look at the basic rates and fill out the form below. If you don't see a service listed that you're looking for, still fill out the form and tell me about your project because it just might not fit into one of these categories

online& PRint

Basic Rates

Developmental editing: $35/hr 

Copyediting: $25/hr

Proofreading: $20/hr 

Research: $25/hr 

*Turn-around time will vary by project. Expedited fees will be applied on a case by case basis.


Basic Rates

Voice Recordings: $25/hr (minimum 30 mins. of material)

Improves speaker clarity, edit out dead air, remove filler words (likes, uhs, and ums). 

Editing & Mixing $30/hr (minimum 30 mins. of material)

Remove unwanted sounds, background noise, and pops and crackles. Enhance and balance audio with equalization and compression.

Production $35/hr

Add music, intros/outros, and other additional audio. (includes equalization and compression)

*Rates based on a 4 day turn-around. 50% surcharge for 2-day rush order; 75% surcharge for 24-hour turnaround.

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