Coming in fall 2020 Forces of Nature, with Quarto Group, co-authored with Anna Reser.


I am a co-creator of "Launch Ladies: An Illustrated Look at the Women Who Bring Us to Space," along with Jamey Erickson and illustrator Lydia Fusco. Launch Ladies is a children's board book about the women of the American space program's past, present, and future.

We launched the book on Kickstarter on March 21, and by April 1, we were 100% funded. Total, we received $18,808, double our funding goal, in pledges from 555 backers. With all the extra pledges, we are able to donate 500 more books to public libraries across the country. 

With this book, my hope is that more children and adults will know the names of the women who have always been part of space exploration from the very beginning. From mathematicians to astronauts to systems engineers, women have done the labor and innovation that have made the American space program possible, even if they haven't always been visible.